Central Air Conditioning

Q: Do I have to cover the unit in the winter?
A: Covers are purely for looks, technically, they may do more damage then good by keeping the air, dust, leafs, humidity and etc, helping it to rust or corrode, a simple way to cover it is by having a piece of plywood put on top for the winter. But if used as indicated, covers will look great on your air conditioner.

Q: Do I have to turn the breaker off in the winter?
A: If snow levels reach as high as any electrical parts (disconnect or unit) in the winter, for your safety please turn off your AC breaker.

Q: Do I have to turn the breaker on 24 hours prior to starting my air conditioner?
A: Yes. Since some compressors have an internal heater that prevents refrigerant from entering the compressor in a liquid state. It is safer to turn the air conditioner breaker ON 24 hours prior to starting the unit.

Q: My air conditioner has been running for over 4 hours and it doesn’t seem to stop, is this normal?
A: Yes. Your AC may run for 6 to 16 hours before your thermostat turns it off, depending on outside temperatures and thermostat settings. Once your air conditioner turns off, it will cycle on and off more frequently. If no changes are noticed after 5 hours or if the air coming out of all your air ducts is room temperature, please call us so we can assist you in making sure everything is running fine.

Q: How often should refrigerant be added to my Air conditioner?
A: Never. Your air conditioner doesn’t consume or burn the refrigerant, it only circulates in the tubing. Should you require more refrigerant, a leak test must be performed, followed by a repair.

Q: Can I fix my own air conditioner?
A: Wouldn’t it be nice? But no. Any service or repair must be performed by a licensed technician. This is due to high pressures, high voltage and fine tuning involved with air conditioner servicing.

Q: What type furnace filter to use with A/C?
A: Installations are usually calculated using standard “fiberglass like”,” brush bristle” filters. Since these are less air restrictive then expensive filters (up to 2 dollars each for less restrictive filters and $5 or more for more restrictive air filters) which may cause the A-Coil to freeze.


Q: On initial startup my house had a weird smell what should I do?
A: When a New furnace is fired for the first time, a smell can come out of the vents, this is normal and should only last about 10 minutes. This smell comes from manufacturing oil used on the furnace at the factory.

Q: How come my furnace seems louder in cooling mode then in heating mode.
A: This is normal. Your furnace uses a higher speed when running in Cool mode, making it louder.

Q: How often should I replace my filter?
A: As often as you can. Usually recommended every 2 months. More often means lower operating costs and cleaner air quality.

Q: Which way does the air run through the furnace?
A: A few easy tricks for determining the air flow direction on gas furnaces, the fan is always closer to the incoming air. The A/C coil is always in the outgoing air duct and the Air filter is always placed before the air enters the furnace.

Central Humidifier
Q: When should I replace my evaporator pad?
A: Manufacture recommends yearly for best efficiency. Change it no later then every 3 years.

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