Warm Air Oil Furnaces

Conforto oil-fired residential furnaces align perfectly with today’s energy and environmental requirements. Whether you are building a new home or replacing an existing furnace, most of our units can be integrated with other heating/cooling appliances such as heat pumps and air conditioners to facilitate your needs. Our Conforto furnaces are synonymous with performance , economical operation, versatility, comfort and ease of maintenance.

Lowboy Condensing KLC-100

  • Equipped with quick-heat non-refractory stainless steel combustion chamber and secondary heat exchanger that allows the furnace to heat up faster and cool down faster, resulting in a more even indoor room temperature and additional fuel oil savings
  • No need to ever replace the combustion chamber
  • Optimal efficiency throughout the heating season
  • Very low temperature flue gases contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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