Now that we have touched upon the subject of indoor air quality, the next logical step in this conversation, is whether or not to use filters in our furnaces or air conditioning units. The average person breathes in about 18,185 litres of air everyday. Contained in the air you breathe are 1,120,000,000 particles of dust, most of which are about 3 microns in size or smaller. To put that in perspective, a human hair is 75 microns and a human red blood cell is 5 microns. The air inside your house is 2-5 times more polluted than the outdoor air!
Not good if you suffer from allergies.
Maintaining your appliances and replacing the filters when recommended by the manufacturer is one way to improve the quality of air you are breathing. The goal is a healthier home…filters are disigned to help clean the air. They help to stop airborne pollutants from entering your home and also reduce the workload on your appliances. Your furnace and air conditioner will thank you by saving you money on operating costs and repairs.

So what kind of filter works best? Stay tuned!!