Now that we are all on the same page about the positives of using filters, the next step is which one? There are 6 types of filters to choose from and many different manufacturers. Let’s start with the different types.

Electrostatic Air Filters
Pre Cut Media Filter Pads
Pleated Air Filters
HEPA Air Filters
Activated Carbon Filters
Fiberglass Panel Filters

Each filter has a specific purpose, so there really is no “best filter”. Which one you use should be based on your family’s needs. Each filter has its pros and cons, so educating yourself will help make the process less painful. Brand name really shouldn’t be a factor as most are interchangeable anyway. The important thing is getting the right size…length x width x thickness. Now lets have a look at what the different filters do.

Pleated Filters are probably the most commonly used. They typically give you the best bang for your buck and come in many different efficiencies and design characteristics. For example, CARBON or CHARCOAL will help control odors while ELECTROSTATIC characteristics will help to increase performance.

Electrostatic Filters off the best value in a reusable filter and the best ones will offer a lifetime guarantee. The only downside is they require regular cleaning to keep them operating at peak efficiency.The upside is that your operating costs will be reduced by maintaining a regular cleaning schedule.

HEPA Filters and Electrostatic Filters both remove 97% of household allergens that pass through them. Good news for allergy sufferers!!

Fiberglass Panes Filters will only trap the larger dust particles, thus making them less efficient when it comes to making our household air healthier.

Remember…an educated consumer is a smart consumer!!